What I am doing right now

I am Work for a Hotel Sign Company in Prescott.

On the side.

Websites for local nonprofits including

  1. Paulden Area Comm Org
  2. Paulden Food Bank
  3. Paulden Christian Fellowship
  4. Paulden Giving
  5. Paulden Foundation

Website for small Businesses including

  1. Hogndogs
  2. Paulden Park Place
  3. Heritage House
  4. Birdies Barber Shop
  5. Chino ShipnCopy
  6. Arizona Rock and Mineral
  7. Moonshine Crafts

Websites for Categories including

  1. PauldenArizona
  2. Paulden Dicictory
  3. Full Service
  4. ChinoValley.info

Website for people’s hobbies

  1. Anderson Car Art
  2. News of Yavapai County
  3. Paved Roads for Paulden
  4. How to Vote in my State

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